Hailea Air Pump V30

An air pump for improving the brewing the PK Compost Tea. This V30 model will aerate up to 80 litre of water.
  • Manufacture: Hailea
  • Maximum output: 30 l/pm
  • Watts: 25
  • Outlets: 6

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Hailea V30 Series Hi-Flow Air Pump

Hailea air pumps are manufactured to an extremely high standard and pump high volumes of air to increase oxygen levels in water.

The V-Series air pumps are very quiet and strong. They come in a tough metal case which protects the internal parts as well as keeping noise levels to a minimum. Rubber feet are also fitted to remove unwanted vibrations.

High power and compressed thanks to the double air chamber.
Complete with an EU two pin plug and 1.5m cable.

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