Hailea Air Diffuser Stone

High quality air diffuser that helps to increase the oxygen content of all nutrient solutions. Simply attach to an Air Pump with 4mm Airline. Recommended for all systems!
  • Manufacturer: Hailea
  • Size: 3.15" (80mm)
  • Porous stone creates many small bubbles
  • Mixes and oxygenates your nutrient solution
  • Oxygenates nutrient solutions
  • Turbo-charges plant growth

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Hailea Air Filter Stone

Hailea air stones, used in conjunction with the Hailea Air Pump add oxygen to water in the form of 1000s of tiny bubbles. The oxygenated water, in turn, accelerates the bacterial growth, your plants love, when your brewing BioTabs PK Compost Tea.

Oxygenated nutrient solution improves root-health and turbo-charges plant growth

Hailea V10 Series Hi-Flow Air Pump available separately.

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