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  • BioTabs Organic Fertiliser The primal way of organic growing is based on the use of compost. Based on compost a number of organic strategies have been developed. BioTabs is an organic fertiliser, using the force of soil organisms. BioTabs stimulates soil organisms by converting organic material into ideal plant food. In this way, plants develop strong root systems and are disease-resistant. BioTabs guarantees a fair, full and very tasty harvest. Buy 'The O...

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Bacteria Explained

The Earth has its way of permanently decomposing once organic living matter, that not only benefits the environment, but also feeds both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. In this blog post BioTabs explains; the main difference between these two groups, how important pH is, how the soil food web is structured and understanding the importance of biochar for rejuvenating gardens.

A Symbiotic Relationship With Plants

We are all aware of how prolific the root zone of a Cannabis plant can grow and how effective Hemp is for cleansing the Earth. However, did you know that there is an organic helper who not only helps the root zone, but creates a symbiotic bond between the food web in the soil and the uptake of available nutrients? In the blog post BioTabs explains just how beneficial microorganisms work in harmony with plants, as well as show how these same microbes and fungi have coexisted on the Earth since the start of life.
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