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Top Tips For Bigger & Better Cannabis Plants

From the point of investing in seeds, lights, fans, extractors, drying rooms and so on, growing Cannabis plants can be a difficult task to those who are new to growing indoors. Below BioTabs explain our top tips for growing bigger and better Cannabis plants.

Composting and Microbes Explained

Organic growing and beneficial bacteria is becoming more popular amongst indoor growers, with many adapting sustainable organic farming as a way of life.

Accessing Medical Cannabis in Germany

How I obtained legal Cannabis, in Germany.

Boom Boom Spray: A new powerful tool for growers

Secret weapons of nature?
A new dimension of biostimulants has been created. A foliar spray feeds the plant, protects it against abiotic stress and guarantees strong plants with best possible yields. Its name: Boomboom spray! This article explains what it does, how it works and why it's so innovative.