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  • Shipping Policy We can ship to virtually any address in the world. But there are restrictions on some of our products to certain international destinations, to where they cannot be shipped. Please note, point 4, in our business terms and conditions. also written below. 4  ORDERING Important note for customers: It is your responsibility to check on the legal situation and import regulations of your country before sending 'BIOHORTI S.L.U. BioTabs' your order, in any form, including, but ...
  • Just Add Water Strategy (English) PK Booster Manual (Multilingual - ES, FR, EN & DE) English Manual Deutsch Manual Español Manual Français Manual Polski Manual BioTabs Starter kit Video
  • Number of Plants: Pot Size (L): 8.5 L Autopot 15 L Autopot 25 L Autopot 5 L 10 L 20 L 30 L 50 L Calculate
  • BioTabs Organic Fertiliser The primal way of organic growing is based on the use of compost. Based on compost a number of organic strategies have been developed. BioTabs is an organic fertiliser, using the force of soil organisms. BioTabs stimulates soil organisms by converting organic material into ideal plant food. In this way, plants develop strong root systems and are disease-resistant. BioTabs guarantees a fair, full and very tasty harvest. Buy 'The O...