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  • BioTabs Organic Fertiliser The primal way of organic growing is based on the use of compost. Based on compost a number of organic strategies have been developed. BioTabs is an organic fertiliser, using the force of soil organisms. BioTabs stimulates soil organisms by converting organic material into ideal plant food. In this way, plants develop strong root systems and are disease-resistant. BioTabs guarantees a fair, full and very tasty harvest. Buy 'The O...

Growing Outdoors and What To Consider

Spring is upon us and the most exciting time of the year for growing Cannabis. Deciding which genetics to work with is just a small part of the many variables involved when it comes to a successful harvest.

Top Tips For Bigger & Better Cannabis Plants

From the point of investing in seeds, lights, fans, extractors, drying rooms and so on, growing Cannabis plants can be a difficult task to those who are new to growing indoors. Below BioTabs explain our top tips for growing bigger and better Cannabis plants.

Which Genetics Are Best For Me?

BioTabs explains what to consider from environmental factors, experience, budget, logistics, market place and practicality before investing in Cannabis seeds.