Top Tips For Bigger & Better Cannabis Plants

Top Tips For Bigger & Better Cannabis Plants

After spending time in the growing phase and flowering phase, you may be looking at between 10-15 weeks of labour, maintenance, nutrients and electricity bills so growing the best quality and quantity is every growers end goal.

How Many Plants Is Too Many?

There are many ways to look at this one and the most important thing to consider is how many Cannabis plants can fit in a certain space, and under how many lights. Easier said than done and before you pack a tent out with 9-16 plants, be conscious of how much light is actually being emitted to the canopy. Growing in a Sea of Green is an excellent way to maximise space, reduce vegging time and turn over the most number of grow cycles annually, however if there is too little light then Cannabis plants will simply not yield as well.

BioTabs top tip here is to be conscious of how you space the plants, how tall they grow and how many plants it takes in a set area before the plant count is counter productive. Will you grow Indica or Sativa dominant varieties? BioTabs believe It is better to have 4-6 large sized heavy yielding Cannabis plants than 9-16 smaller yielding, less productive ones. Before buying Cannabis seeds, research the strains and see which is best suited for your practical needs.

The Advantages Of Beneficial Bacteria

Adding beneficial microorganisms to your growing medium is one way to supercharge your root zone with billions of little aerobic helpers. Once bacteria and fungi have attached themselves to the root zone, the relationship between these two entities is one provides sugar to the microorganisms attached to the root zone, and in return the bacteria will feedback essential elements, nutrients and metabolites to the plant. Organic growing mediums will be teaming with benevolent bacteria that have co-existed with the earth since the start of time.

BioTabs offer products such as BACTREX, MYCOTREX to inoculant the growing medium and root zone from the first day your seeds have sprouted. Then our ORGATREX and SILICIUM FLASH are made up of broken down organic matter in hard and liquid form. The beauty of using organic material with thriving beneficial microorganism is the greater the network of roots and bacteria become, the faster Cannabis plants will respond and the more fertile the growing medium will become, even after several grows using the same medium.

Trichoderma Bacteria in BioTabs BACTREX
Trichoderma Bacteria in BioTabs BACTREX

The Importance Of Carbon Dioxide

When growing Cannabis indoors, there are a few things that growers will neglect to add into their garden and they can be U.V and supplementing with carbon dioxide. Reverting back to the basics of photosynthesis, plants will absorb photo active radiation from grow lights with carbon dioxide and exchange glucose to the root zone. However, the balance can only go so far once there are more lights, nutrients and plants for the carbon dioxide from an outside source to accommodate for.

Outdoors the levels of carbon dioxide measure at 400 parts per million and research has proven that when supplementing high powered lighting, with adequate nutrient levels, Cannabis plants can take up to 1500 parts per million. Our top tip here is to be conscious of grow room temperatures when adding carbon dioxide into the grow room as plants require temperatures close to 35 degrees celsius to uptake the rate of carbon dioxide gas. Of course anything over 24 degrees can interfere with the V.P.D charts, plants to become over transpired and opens the doors to a world of potential threats from pathogens and insects.

Organic Compost Teas Are Great!

BioTabs PK Booster Compost Tea Organic Compost Teas Are Great!

We believe that a real organic grower uses aerated compost teas, and this is one way to really grow happy, healthy and heavy producing Cannabis plants. Our PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEA is a blend of bat guano, kelp and as it is designed to work with Nitrogen and Phosphorus fixing bacteria. During the flowering stage, Phosphorus and Potassium are used in abundance by Cannabis plants and this is what is needed to grow, large sized, glistening, aromatic flowers. Due to the fact our compost tea is totally organic and chemical free, the grower does not need to worry about pH or E.C meaning we created a very user and environmentally friendly product.

The benefits of using aerated compost teas is that the microbial life is multiplied into billions, the flavour is drastically improved and the growing medium that is drenched, will become a humus rich environment for thriving beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma fungi such as BACTREX and MYCOTREX.

Aerobic bacteria thrive in high oxygen conditions so after 24 hours brewing, combined with bacteria and ORGATREX, the metabolic rate of organisms will be at a pinnacle.

Feeding Regime & V.P.D Chart

If you are new to growing then perhaps V.P.D is new to you, and not something you have ever incorporated into your indoor garden. Vapour Pressure Deficit defines the amount of pressure that is occurring on the leaf tissue held in the air. V.P.D represents the rate plants transpire water from their leaf tissue and the growing medium. Imagine how we feel during the hottest and most humid times of the year and the sauna like sensation. Cannabis plants experience this also but differently and the amount of relative humidity, leaf temperature and P.P.M of nutrient solution all play a big role in the vigour and productivity of your garden.

The way that V.P.D is calculated is through a formula that first requires the leaf temperature, which can be taken using a thermal camera. Our top tip when taking temperature readings for V.P.D to take several to get an average reading of a leaf surface, as different parts of the canopy may be more susceptible to pressure deficit than other parts. High V.P.D means low levels of relative humidity and low V.P.D means the relative humidity is higher. In response plants stomata which are responsible for converting carbon dioxide out of the air will function with maximum integrity when humidity is high.

Foliar Spray During The Growing Stage

BioTabs Boom Boom Spray
BioTabs Boom Boom Spray is specifically designed for plants during the growing stage and comprises of a 100% vegan organic plant bio-stimulant, amino acids, peptides, glucides and minerals.

There is such an emphasis in the industry on feeding the Cannabis plants through the root zone, that many neglect to foliar spray them. There are many benefits to spraying the tops and undersides of your leafy green canopy and they range from improving vigour, health and bio-counter to airborne pathogens such as powdery mildew which attach themselves to the surface of the leaf tissue and infect the leaf.

Our BOOM BOOM SPRAY is specifically designed for plants during the growing stage and comprises of a 100% vegan organic plant bio-stimulant, amino acids, peptides, glucides and minerals. Our top tip here is to spray plants on the tops and undersides of the leaves which will help reduce stress, improve vibrancy and allow you to grow the most vigorous Cannabis plants before entering the flower cycle.

Flowering Great Cannabis with BioTabs Organics
Flowering Great Cannabis with BioTabs Organic Products

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