Pay with BitCoin & many Crypto Currencies

Pay with BitCoin & many Crypto Currencies

Pay in BitCoin or many other Crypto Currencies

"We are delighted to be able accept payments in so many Crypto Currencies" said Karel Schelfhout.

Due to our customers requests, we heard and implemented. I feel this will offer our customers a greater choice and privacy, not to mention the savings in bank fees.

Once you have clicked on the payment option: Bitcoin via CoinGate, you will have just 20 minutes to make the transaction, so please be prepared.

    There are 3 ways to pay.
  1. 1) If using a mobile device with a with a crypto coin wallet and camera, you can scan the QR-Code, which will send the transaction to your digital wallet.
  2. 2) If you have your crypto coin wallet on the same computer you made the order with, then you can just click the link: Pay with (crypto coin) wallet.
  3. 3) Or you can copy the transaction address and paste it into your, either web-based (browser) or software wallet. Then do the same for the amount, give it a suitable label, eg. your BioTabs order no. (This is only to help you, later discern which payment is which) then click send.
1, 2, 3 - How to Pay with BitCoin and many more Cryto Currencies

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