How To Reduce Grow Room Noise

How To Reduce Grow Room Noise

Where Does The Noise Come From?

Despite most of the latest grow equipment being designed with stealth in mind, it still does not prevent a serious reverberation occurring. If you are growing Cannabis in a public building, then you are running of the risk of causing noise pollution, which you may not even know you are doing.

Vibrations travel through floor boards, up and down walls and will resonate with the nearby surroundings. Hoping the neighbours won’t pick up on the fact every 12 or 18 hours the walls shake. Controlling the amount your equipment vibrates will dramatically reduce any third party noise coming from your grow room.

Exhaust Fans

Depending on the size of your grow room, you may opt for an RVK fan or a T.T inline fan. Both perform the job of removing air, out of the grow room, at a calculated rate per minute. It is very important to have the right amount of air being removed, whilst making sure the out take fan is creating a negative drag effect, pulling air through the tent and out, for growing Cannabis.

Quieter Growrooms with Inline Fans
Inline Fans For Quieter Growrooms

An excellent way to stop the vibration and noise made by the fans is to use acoustic boxes. This simple design is also used in industrial workshops, for large powered pumps. So they are proven to work well in an environment that people work in. What is the best thing about acoustic boxes is the fact they can be homemade, as long as you have some basic woodwork skills and can obtain the acoustic foam padding needed for the inside.

Sound Proofed Ducting for Quieter Grow Rooms
Sound Proofed Ducting for Quieter Grow Rooms

Aluminium VS Acoustic Ducting

When growing Cannabis, ducting is required in order to create an air tight fitting between the exhaust fan and the carbon filter. Aluminium ducting is cheap, easy to work with, light enough to hang with no issue and can be bought in lengths, upto 30 metres. But when air is passing through this lightweight Aluminium tubing, the noise that is created can be as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

In the same way that acoustic foam lined boxes are a great solution to excess noise made by R.V.K fans, acoustic foam also works wonderfully well in in reducing noise in the ducting. The air that was originally screeching thorough at a high velocity is now blown onto a foam insulate. The result is a far more silent way to deliver air, without losing any throughput.

Passive Cooled L.E.D.

L.E.D. lighting has established its place as a highly energy efficient model that saves heat and light energy. However, many L.E.D. models run off internal fans to keep the modules and heat sink plates cool when growing Cannabis. Fans are noisy and even though many manufacturers work with more silent quiet fans, passive cooled lighting requires no fans at all.

The benefits of passive cooled lighting when growing Cannabis is the fact the heat is dispersed through a radiator design. As heat rises and reaches a point in the casing, the lowest part of the lamp is able to stay as cool as possible, meaning you can also get closer to the canopy. It may not sound like a big difference in noise levels, but once you have upgraded to soundproof fans, ducting and silencers, you will notice how silent your grow room really is with passive cooled lighting.

What About Oscillating Fans?

Keeping a constantly moving breeze blowing across the tops and bottoms of plants whilst growing Cannabis is essential. A good air-flow will keep plants happy, prevent airborne pathogens from settling in parts of the tent as well as spreading as much CO², from an outside source, around the plants to use, as possible.

Some growers may choose to use a small clip on fan that fits nicely in the corner of their grow tent, or they may decide on using oscillating fans that sit on the floor. More professional growers, when growing Cannabis, will mount wall fans into places and have multiple fans blowing and oscillating at different angles and times.

When you are using fans, no matter what size, you should think about how much vibration they are emitting and where is the sound traveling too? If your fans are on the floor then they will be making a whirring noise below. This may be bearable if you own the house, however a neighbour may feel annoyed by the situation, when growing Cannabis.

A great way to reduce the level of reverberation passing through floor boards is to have a foam block for the fans to sit on. It is also a good idea to have the fans spinning at different times from one another and to also keep them on 24 hours a day. The electricity will not be much higher and it will create a consistent environment for your Cannabis plants.

Incorporating Silencers

Silencers have gained popularity recently and with their easy to fit nature, they are highly sought after among bedroom growers and those looking to improve their stealth game. A Silencer is basically designed to attach between the exhaust fan and the carbon filter.

Similar to acoustic ducting, silencers will absorb the sound that would have been produced by the passing air. They are not super expensive and are well worth the investment when it comes to growing Cannabis. They can be used and customised accordingly to where you want to place them. Some growers may even use two in the same area to seriously reduce unwanted noise.

Inline Duct Fan Muffler & Filter
Inline Duct Fan Muffler & Filter

Silencers come in various sizes depending on which diameter ducting you are working with, and are easy enough to install and hang. Silencers are also a great addition to use outside of the tent to kill any sound made by air exiting the tent via ducting.

Expelling Air From The Grow Room

A blast of air from a 15-25cm (6-9 inch) diameter duct is certainly loud enough to be heard by close by neighbours. If you are growing Cannabis and are using a bedroom window, or attic space to feed your exhausted air out of the grow room, then a really good way to reduce the noise levels is to either use acoustic ducting, or to create an end section of the ducting that can be sound proofed. This will absorb the noise of the air that is exiting the grow room.

This is a brilliant way to avoid attention when growing Cannabis and to make sure any nosey neighbours are none the wiser. Silencers placed at the exhaust end of the ducting will make a massive difference in the sound levels.

Fan Speed Controllers

Most models of R.V.K fans are fixed at one rate of speed (RPM) and depending on the power output and speed of the fan, will dictate how much of a loud noise there will be. An excellent way to reduce the amount of noise is to use a fan speed controller when growing Cannabis.

Basically the same as a dimmer, however will reduce the power output to whatever desired levels you need. This is particularly useful when finding that sweet spot of efficacy and noise & makes a massive world of difference. Fan speed controllers are not expensive and act as a plug-socket for the fan.

What To Consider When Next Growing Cannabis

Investing In Sound Proof Equipment may seem quite expensive at first, however the piece of mind that it provides is well worth it, and you will easily cover your initial investment after your first crop. Acoustic ducting is at least 5 times the price to standard Aluminium ducting, yet will seriously reduce the noise of air passing from your carbon filter to the exhaust fans when growing Cannabis.

Use sound proof foam boards, often used in music studios, to place the oscillating fans on, to cushion the vibration between the base of the fans and the floor. Building your own wooden frame with foam lining can save you money and is simple enough to design.

At the end of the day, you cannot buy a peace of mind and especially when working with a plant that is highly misunderstood by the general public and shrouded with propaganda and mystery. Stealth is wealth when growing Cannabis and that does not just mean keeping control of the odour.

    Top Tips For Reducing Noise Indoors

  • Always spend the extra money to sound proof your equipment. You will not need to buy it again after your original investment.

  • Try and be as friendly as possible with your neighbours. Often times a quick conversation with them can reveal if they are hearing noises every 12 or 18 hours.

  • When installing equipment be aware of how much less noise hanging produces compared to attaching directly to a wall or tent pole.

  • Using Acoustic ducting, acoustic boxes, fan speed controllers and silencers will reduce the sound level in your grow room massively.