Growing Outdoors and What To Consider

Growing Outdoors and What To Consider

BioTabs explains what to consider when growing Cannabis outdoors ranging from genetics, location, security, growing medium, feeding times and more!

Picking The Right Plants

When growing Cannabis, as long as you have good genetics then the plant will do most of the work in terms of delivering aromatic, resin covered flowers. However knowing the right Cannabis seeds to grow-out should be thought through before making an investment. The diversity in the Cannabis family ranges from Indica to Sativa strains, each with a unique growth structure, flowering time and resistance that will be evolved to suite the part of the world where it originates.

To keep it simple, if you are growing Cannabis in Northern Europe then it is best to avoid long flowering, Sativa dominant strains such as Kees’ Old School Haze or Prima Hollandica. These vigorous, fast growing and long flowering Sativas will not have chance to fully flower due to the lack of sun and colder climate.

Growers living in Northern Europe will find short flowering, highly resistance varieties from Indica genetics will not only stay smaller in size, they will flower with in eight weeks. Any one living in Southern Europe can enjoy the consistency of a Mediterranean climate where Sativa strains and Indica strains can both be grown out to perfection.

Stealth and Security

A very important matter when growing Cannabis which can be the difference between a safe and discreet garden, or a knock on the door from the authorities or worse, thieves in the night! Stealth and security means keeping close by neighbours happy, vigilant of the eye in the sky, whilst at the same time being conscious of how much attention your flowering plants attract later on when flowering has commenced.

Some may have the luxury of growing Cannabis in their own private garden with no on looking neighbours, whilst others need to be more cautious about blending plants in to their garden. An excellent tip is to camouflage your plants using Basil, Dill, Mint, Chamomile, Sunflowers, Marigolds Alfalfa, Tomato and Pepper plants.

Adding biodiversity to the garden will also help deter insects and bugs that do not like the terpenes present in many of the plants listed above, that can all be found at any local garden centre. Helicopters and nosey neighbours will find it hard to spot your plants amongst a colourful blend of other plants. You should also think about the maximum height of the plant and how you will be prepared in advance in terms of cover or camouflage when growing Cannabis.

Sunny Tasty Weed
Sunny Tasty Weed

Following The Sun

This part is dedicated to finding the best location for the entire life cycle of your outdoor Cannabis plants. If growing Cannabis from seedling, or planting clones after June then having an idea of the sun’s movement over the months of Spring until The Fall, will allow you to provide the most amount of sun without losing on precious daylight hours.

Sometimes this is out of our hands and depending if you face South, where the sun sets can determine if your Cannabis plants will receive sun until the very last moment of each day. Just because the sunshine may be ideal during the build up to July time does not necessarily mean over July to September the plants will still receive maximum sunshine especially if they have already been planted in the ground.

A great tip here is to research the formation of the sun during the seasons, so you have a proper idea of when the sun is the highest and which direction it will head towards over the upcoming months. It is better when growing Cannabis to receive the most amount of direct sun once flowering has begun than during the vegetative stage.

The Growing Medium

How your roots are able to grow and the rate they are able to feed during watering will be down to the growing medium. Cannabis plants have a very aggressively growing root system that can burrow deep down in to the earth. Understanding which substrates are inert growing mediums designed to aid in the capillary action of the root zone such as coco, perlite, vermiculite, hydroton, rockwool will help differentiate between inert substrate and organic matter.

Organic substrates that are designed to supplement the plants when growing Cannabis with primary nutrients and trace elements as things such as worm castings, bat guano, SILICIUM FLASH, STARTREX, BACTREX and MYCOTREX. Every product that BioTabs produces is 100% totally organic and work provide beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. BioTabs recommend to use PK BOOSTER COMPOST TEA in conjunction with ORGATREX to guarantee a constantly thriving organic growing medium.

Depending on where you live and location you are growing Cannabis, the way you feed your plants can have a direct affect on the amount of transpiration that takes place during the hottest parts of the day. Transpiration occurs when water leaves the plant through the leaf tissue, or directly through drying out and aerating of the growing medium.

BioTabs recommends when growing Cannabis, to water your plants during the early hours of the morning and the last part of the evening. The reason is the temperatures will be cooler and far more forgiving than during 12-4PM (12:00-16:00) in the afternoon. By feeding during these times, you can actually give half a large feed in the morning and feed the other half to the plants in the evening.

Cannabis plants will respond much better just being watered twice a day, half as much in comparison to how they can access nutrients, lack of heat stress and dry periods. When you are growing Cannabis, never water your plants with cold water no matter how hot the weather is. Using cold water will only shock the roots and create inconsistent temperatures in the root zone. Use warmer water as the plants will take to this much better than a cold, sharp shock.

Feeding Times

Huge Organic Outdoor Beast
Huge Organic Outdoor Beast

Plant Training and Support

Growing Cannabis outdoors can produce enormous plants that require support and training. If left untrained, some varieties can grow tall, lanky and become a real nuisance and an attention magnet. What is a good idea is to prepare in advance some type of support system that will guide your plants to grow with a more vigorous growth structure.

A great tip here is to use bamboo cane and to tie each supporting branch to the cane. When inserting the canes always make sure you place them on the outsides of the pot. Never insert the cane into the root zone as this can stress the plants and damage the roots. In California, outdoor farmers growing Cannabis use a large sized trellis to act as a support net and allow the plants to grow more openly and with an even canopy is a great.

It is better to support your plants when they are growing so during flower they do not run the risk of growing excessively tall, snapping due to heavy winds, or growing undeveloped lanky flowers.

Bio-Tifull Outdoor Cannabis Bud
Bio-Tifull Outdoor Bud

Growing With Seeds, Clones & Autos

Thanks to the diversity in Cannabis breeding programmes and an understanding of when plants can be placed outdoors to flower, mean that a perpetual harvest outdoor can easily be achieved. The times of having to plant a seed in April and hoping for a good harvest by October have greatly changed, and with the opportunity to grow seedlings, clones and autos outdoors, growing Cannabis has never been so easy and diverse.

During the months of Spring until May, seedlings can grown outdoors. After July, clones that have been started indoors can be transferred outside where they will continue to flower until September / October time depending on which strain you are running. Autoflowering Cannabis strains can be grown in Southern Spain from March until October meaning that every 70 days or so, a new harvest is ready to crop.

In addition to growing normal plants that are season dependant, incorporating autoflowering varieties and clones later in the year can really increase the number of outdoor plants that you harvest, as well as reducing the times between waiting on a crop and having flowers curing in jars making growing Cannabis much more enjoyable.

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