Unbelievably Huge Organic Vegetables

Unbelievably Huge Organic Vegetables

GROW Massive Organic Vegetables with BioTabs products using our Organic Growing Method!

One of our Polish fans, could not believe the size his plants grew too when using BioTabs products and our 'Organic Growing Method'

He told us "I started this year with the Starter packs BioTabs. And I used Startrex, Bactrex and Mycotrex to prepare my plants. With these products, my plants get such massive roots with great health and vitality. Later when I planted them in the ground, all get Bactrex, Mycotrex. Or three BioTabs in each hole. Then all are watered with Orgatrex. All plants grow fantastically and produce great results. My Pumpkin grew so well it weighed 350kg and my Sunflowers are so enormous, the best have grown as high as 5.35m. My marrow grew too 30kg."

And being organic, the taste is sublime!

30kg (66 pounds) Marrow - GROW Massive Organic Vegetables with BioTabs products and our Organic Growing Method

30kg (66 pounds) Marrow

Organic 5.2 metre (17 feet) high Sunflower plants

5.35 metre (17 feet) Sunflower

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