From Chillum to Dabs

From Chillum to Dabs

Cannabis consumption has come a long way. There are many ways and for many reasons. One of the vital differences in consumption is with or without tobacco, which was detailed in a previous blog post.

In this blog, we go more in-depth with chillums and dabs: two ways of consumption with (chillum) and without (dabs) which will make you reach for the stars. One is fairly new (dabs) and one is almost forgotten (chillum smoking).

So let’s start with chillum smoking first and have a short history lesson.

What’s chillum smoking again?

Originally chillums were invented in India, made out of clay and stone, to be used for smoking charras by India’s holy men, Sadhu’s, and Hindu monks from the Himalaya area. A chillum consists of two parts. Inside the chillum, you’ll find a removable stone with air slits down the side. Smoking a chillum is a ritual and isn’t often done alone: generally, you need help lighting it. It requires preparation and cleaning too, as such it is mostly done with a group of people.

To smoke a chillum, you need a clean chillum with stone filter. Some cloth, preferably toasted tobacco, Indian charras, and some friends. While it can be done with other derivatives of cannabis, charras is what it was intended for.

After you’ve toasted the cigarette (preferably light tobacco), you crumble the charras into small pieces. Depending on how big the chillum is, you put 0,5 up to 1,5 grams (or more, but you’re unlikely to see many chillums that large) of mixed charras & tobacco, on top of the filter stone inside the chillum.

To smoke a chillum, you need a clean chillum with stone filter. Some cloth, preferably toasted tobacco, Indian charras, and some friends. While it can be done with other derivatives of cannabis, charras is what it was intended for.

Clay Chillum and Filter

Clay Chillum and Filter

There’s a couple of rules and pointers when using a chillum. First, use the cloth to make sure your hands and mouth are not touching the chillum. You hold the chillum in a way your fingers are between your mouth and the cloth. There are several ways to do it and some experienced person will be happy to show you how.

After it is filled, it’s time to light up. Make sure the lighter being used has enough fuel in there. You will need someone else's help lighting the chillum. The lighting up is a not such pleasant thing to do, however, you’ll find it worth it when it’s done. Then, passing a chillum happens to the right instead of left, after a short thanks (or praise

After the smoke, when your finished very little will be left in the chillum, what is there can be disposed off. Afterwards, use the same cloth to properly and fully clean the inside of the chillum. Not doing so will result in your chillum clogging up.

The high will be long-lasting and different from smoking joints or taking dabs. Obviously the tobacco part is not very healthy, however, the kick you get from both the hashish and nicotine is one that’s special and memorable.

These days, you can also find Chillums outside of India at various (psytrance) festivals.

However, in Barcelona the spirit is being kept alive with the Chiloom Hash Clash: a hash only (water hash, finger hash, and dry sift) cannabis cup, judged through chillums.

While the hash making part is being kept alive and spread by Frenchy Cannoli, the most prominent person to mention.

Nano Puck Dab Rig with Inline Barrel Perc Dab Dube

Nano Puck Dab Rig with Inline Barrel Perc

From Chillum to Dabs

While chillums will have the eyes sparkling of older cannabis consumers, the youth nowadays are having a similar kick through dabs.

Dabs is a general name for the consumption of cannabis (hash) oil through a glass rig. While there’s no tobacco or smoking involved, that doesn’t mean that it’s straight-up healthy. Over time people have found out solvent-less is probably the way to go (instead of BHO extracts) and arguably cold starting (meaning you place the oil in the cold banger and heat it until it starts melting), or at least temperature-controlled low-temperature dabs.

The high is a kick too, but different than a chillum. It should be noted it is also easier to have a small dab compared to a chillum.

There are also several vaporizers you can use to dab, like the VapeXhale and Puffco Peak just to name a few. The first one’s a desktop vaporizer, while the other one is portable.

For convenience, hash oil can also be found in vape pens. However, extra caution should be noted here. Recently a vape pen lung disease (as it has been coined), has been found to even cause death reports leafly:

As of Tuesday, Sept. 10, the CDC has reported up to 450 cases in 33 states of severe acute respiratory distress syndrome possibly associated with a recently inhaled drug aerosol (commonly known as vaping). As many as six patients may have died from the condition. The deaths occurred in Illinois, Oregon, Indiana, California, Minnesota, and Kansas.

Don’t just hit or buy anything that comes your way, is all I’m saying. Even if it seems legit.

Chillum or dabs?

I can recommend any chillum smoker to dry a dab once and every dabber to try a chillum once. You will find several similarities, yet the high is different. Both can knock you out and be a hard hit, but if you’ve got some tolerance and are eager to learn (and get high), you’re gonna love it.

The main difference between the two is you’re smoking a chillum, while dabs are really vaporizing. Even if that means you’re either gonna miss out on your nicotine rush or it means you have to endure the nicotine that you’d normally don’t have as a dabber.

Besides, if you find yourself in India (or at a festival) and someone offers to smoke chillum with you, you’re not going to say ‘no’ just because you’ll get some nicotine (and tobacco in general) in your lungs too. After all, you’ve made it this far. You’re in for a ride...

Boom Shiva! Text by: Mauro Picavet
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