Boom Boom Spray: A new powerful tool for growers

Boom Boom Spray: A new powerful tool for growers

Feeding plants by their leaves (foliar fertilization) is not a new phenomenon. Plant leaves can absorb nutrients and other beneficent substances. The intake of some of this substances by the leaves is faster than by the roots, though plant roots will always remain the basic 'route' for general nutrient intake.

Building blocks

Boomboom is sprayed on the plant leaves. The spray is based on a cocktail of vegetal amino acids, peptides, carbohydrates and vitamins. Amino acids are the building blocks for peptides and proteins, which are important for an optimal working of plant cells. Peptides are chains of amino acids, which transmit 'signals' to plant cells, stimulating their growth. They also favor assimilation of the supplied carbohydrates and vitamins by the plant.

Plants need peptides and proteins for all kind of processes in a plant. A plant creates its own plant specific proteins and therefore it needs the building blocks. Plants produce some amino acids themselves, but by providing them additional amino acids a grower generates more self production of amino acids by the plant.

Vitamins and plant food

Vitamins are important for the optimal function of physiologic processes (metabolism) of animals and plants. Boomboom's cocktail of vegetal amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins make plants efficient working 'engines' that can optimally use the NPK nutriments available.

Boom Boom Spray Garantees Large Yields

Too much information in few lines? Simply said: By spraying different kinds of amino acids and peptides on the plant leaves the cells of the plant are better prepared for their 'jobs': The system of the plant 'works' better. That makes the plant strong and stress resistant. A plant in optimal shape performs best: using the Boomboom spray results in healthy strong plants.

Biostimulants against abiotic stress

Boomboom spray is a so called 'biostimulant'. A biostimulant is a natural product that stimulates natural processes in plants to optimize their metabolism and growth. Some of these biostimulants were used already long time ago, but only recently farmers rediscovered their usefulness and new kinds of biostimulation came available after research.

In the specific case of Boomboom spray plant resistance increases through higher concentrations of amino acids. In particular it is glutamic acid in this product that is stimulating plant development and resistance against abiotic stress. This kind of environmental stress is caused for example by weather. In indoor situations plants suffer from abiotic stress when temperatures suddenly change, when it's too hot or too cold, by hydric stress, a too dry atmosphere, an insufficient light level, an inadequate PH level of the fertilization solution or a too salty solution.
Also worth to mention here is that an important 'ingredient' of Boomboom spray is aspartic acid, that is fundamental in several metabolic processes. The amino acids enhance nutrients uptake and their overall assimilation. So by supplying these amino acids plants are more resistant and produce more.

Amino acids: vegetal vs. animal

Let's admit, foliar fertilization is not new and using amino acids for biostimulation neither. So what 's so special about this product?

Boomboom spray is based on vegetal amino acids. The amino acids are extracted from meal from a kind of fabacea (leguminosae), a very useful group of plants. Organic farmers use the leguminosae as green manure cover crops. Of course Boomboom spray is not based on GMO plants.

Almost all amino acids used by farmers are from animal origin, extracted from death animals. The amino acid extraction from animals implies some risks: contamination by BSE (Mad cow disease), Salmonella, E. coli or any other animal pathogens. Animal originated amino acids also may contain traces of antibiotics, heavy metals, chlorides and salt. Animal based amino acids need to be transformed by the plant to be assimilated, which causes a loss of energy. At last, some components of the animal amino acids are not useful for plants at all (like hydroxyproline and hydroxilysine).

Vegetal amino acids do not have these problems. A key advantage of vegetal amino acids is that they are more specific to plants. There is an immediate recognition between vegetal amino acids and plants. So using amino acids for plants really gives some serious advantages, but the vegetal amino acids are more useful then animal amino acids. The commercial availability of vegetal amino acids in Boomboom spray is a solid 'green innovation'.

Enzymatic hydrolysis

To 'produce' amino acids they have to be extracted from an organism (plant or animal). There are various different systems for this production. The amino acids in Boomboom spray are produced by so called 'enzymatic hydrolysis'. This is a controlled natural process that guarantees a total control of the production of a perfect cocktail of useful amino acids. Also this process is quite innovative.


Boomboom spray is a CONTROL UNION listed product for organic farming. But also users of synthetic fertilizers favor the growth of their plants by using this biostimulant. It can be used on leaves and in the soil (root uptake). Using it on leaves, the spray has a rapid penetration (like a blood transfusion). Using it in the soil the assimilation takes more time, since assimilation has o be made by the roots.
Foliar application is used to correct a deficiency in a fast way. A grower that uses this product in the soil will prevent his plants against problems.

Boomboom spray can be used both outdoor and indoor.

Ideally Boomboom spray should be used and applied at the growing stage of plants, and the first week of blooming, to prevent or overcome any stress due to growth. The more stressed a plant is, the better the effect of Boomboom spray.

Boomboom spray is a very useful biostimulant for the grow support of cuttings and mother plants.

Boomboom spray in summary:

Foliar spray based on vegetal amino acids and peptides:

  • • stimulating plant growth and productivity
  • • promoting nutrient uptake and assimilation
  • • increasing tolerance against abiotic stress
  • • fast acting

Boomboom spray is used outdoor and indoor (soil, coco and hydroponics)

It is a key factor for high plant performance under all conditions, for plants, cuttings and mother plants.

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