BioTabs 00 Box Large

  • Design: 00 Box
  • Print: BioTabs.NL Organic Growing
  • Features: Brass Hygrometer
  • Modal: Large Edition
  • Material: Cedar wood

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00 Humidify Cedar Wood Box

BioTabs Collaboration.

Keep your own home grown, in these special humidor cedar wood 00 storage boxes and you will be amazed how much extra flavor proper curing and storage can bring to your Organic delights.

This is the 'Large Edition', which is great for curing & storing larger amounts or different quantities at the same time.

The box also come with a cool hygrometer for monitoring the humidity inside the box. So the conditions inside can be kept optimally moist. Which means, any herbs you keep in the box will stay fresh, even longer.
If the environment inside the box becomes too dry, there is a small compartment with a little sponge, that you can moisten, to increase the humidity.

These fine humidor boxes are hand crafted by local artisans.

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